How Petco is positioned for a major comeback in the pet space with the stock seeing significant upside.


  • The continuation of building a highly defensive ecosystem as a one-stop-shop experience for all your pet needs will lead to increased long-term value per customer
  • Leveraging the power of their retail network to offer same-day delivery and improve margins and AOV through buy online and pick up in-store (BOPUS)
  • An…

The recent pullback in the stock amid blowout earnings release represents a strong entry point for a starter position


  • As predicted, Green Thumb not only met but also beat estimates on the top and bottom line, showing a clearer path of maintaining growth expectations without sacrificing profit
  • Ending the year with 51 stores, the company still has a total of 97 licenses they can use which means still adding…

Cannabis is booming, are you coming along for the ride?


  • Green Thumb Industries’ (GTBIF) excellent track record of effective cash management and operational discipline will allow them to continue being one of the best-positioned cannabis companies to lead the market forward
  • Continued same-store sales growth and an emphasis on improving margins will get the company to net income positive in…

How an age-old tech company went from a slow burn to coming back with some sharp teeth and “reach for the moon” goals


  • Twitter’s aggressive M&A activity can bring in great value-additive capabilities and offerings as it plans to fully launch its first subscription service
  • Diversification into various revenue-generating businesses will allow the company to not only rely on its historical core business model while bringing in new users onto the platform
  • Twitter…

I think a lot of us grow up trying to seek happiness as much as we possibly can. For many, happiness, at least in the short term, can come from materialistic items like clothes, shoes, or even cars. For others, it’s volunteering and giving back to their respective communities. …

What is vertical farming?

Do you know what indoor vertical farming is? The name basically speaks for itself. Growing things, indoors, vertically. Simple enough, right?

Well, vertical farming is the practice of producing food on vertically inclined surfaces. Instead of farming vegetables and other foods on a single level, such as in a field…

Paul Cerro

Fan of sustainability and going against the status quo. High risk, high reward.

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